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    About The Program 

    Self-Compassion Online aims to teach users the basic skills of self-compassion. In the process, we'll be teaching you how to become more aware of internal sources of stress (e.g. self-criticism, rumination, anger), and to understand how these processes influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. We also teach techniques to help you disengage from these internal sources of stress, by observing them with compassionate awareness, rather than avoiding or over-engaging with them.

    In addition, Self-Compassion Online helps users to develop the capacity for self-reassurance and self-soothing, using techniques such as meditation, compassionate refocusing, imagery, and self-care. We'll show you how to use the skills of self-soothing and mindful awareness to help to maintain emotional balance in the face of aversive experience.

    We'll also be looking at some of the more practical aspects of self-care, stress resilience, and maintaining work-life balance.